The Why and How of Frivolous Trademarks

What’s behind the rise in trademark applications? Some blame China, but I think there’s more to it. And why and how are so many questionable trademarks registered? At the heart of it, trademarks should protect consumers from counterfeit products; instead, trademark trolling and questionable trademarks limit competition and innovation. Why are so many questionable applications … Read more

Make America Gullible Again

“Make America Grateful Again” is a registered trademark for hats and T-shirts (SN87587829). As if a typical consumer seeing products bearing this “mark” (decorating shirts in large print across the center of the chest) would be gullible enough to think it’s a “brand” and not a satirical political slogan. Please. TM applications for “grateful” and … Read more

Trademark Bully Example: Stealth Troll

Here’s a sickening tale of how one “IP entrepreneur” shamelessly used his “stealth” trademark as a cash cow until the Seventh Circuit Court stopped him. In a nutshell, the owner of the STEALTH trademark sued anyone under the sun for the rights to use the term on their products, even though his 33 registrations were … Read more