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The Trademark Canary – Most Popular Posts

Are you an Amazon or Etsy seller frustrated by trademark bullies and bogus IP infringement claims? Are you an entrepreneur or legal assistant looking for trademark Letter of Protest samples? I made this short list Popular Posts for you, and a longer list below! But first, the overview:

You’ll get the best version of my story in Messy Diapers: Why I Fight Frivolous Trademarks.

The shortest summary of the many issues surrounding frivolous trademarks is in my epic poem, At The Beach: A Cautionary Trademark Tale. Reckon Chaucer wasn’t a total waste of time after all.

The list below includes the most important posts for

  • helping creatives avoid IP infringement
  • guiding trademark Letter of Protest best practices
  • promoting trademark system reform

The post titles should make it fairly obvious which type of post it is.

Best Trademark Letter of Protest Samples

Here are two lists of trademark applications to use for viewing trademark Letter of Protest samples. Each of these applications was refused for registration after somebody as smart as YOU submitted a trademark Letter of Protest

Fighting Frivolous Trademarks Groups

Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much. Helen Keller About a year into my “fighting questionable trademarks” journey, I left the group I’d joined to pursue personal projects and to avoid any appearance of favoritism. But that doesn’t mean I’m against groups! It only means…

How to Respond to Trademark Bullies

A revamped version of a post from 2018. IP Infringement Claim Response  Have you received an email from the owner of a registered trademark telling you to remove your design?  (Note: If the IP notice comes from the applicant for a new trademark, it’s probably best to respond with something…

Ouch! What Mugpreneurs Don’t Know

Last week I went to a webinar on how to become a “mugpreneur” — it was great at casting vision and showing the possibilities of print on demand. What it lacked was a clear understanding of how IP law applies: Just because you coined a short expression to print on…

Trademark Letter of Protest Evidence Checklist

This post contains “best practice guidelines” for submitting a trademark Letter of Protest to support a refusal. Pat Protester worked directly with USPTO to develop the trademark Letter of Protest evidence guidelines in this post. (Dave Cadoff has an excellent post on How to File Letters of Protest Against Frivolous…

Trademark Letter of Protest Sample: Bible Verse

When filing a Letter of Protest against a trademark application to register a Bible verse or other religious quotation as a trademark, here’s what you need to know: Legal Basis: “Failure to Function – Religious Text, See TMEP 1202.04(c)” Evidence: It’s not enough to tell USPTO the verse reference. They…

Trademark Resources and Links

Here’s my collection of essential links for creatives. Learn the basics of IP in an afternoon and about the trademark Letter of Protest.

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