Trademark System Bias

Welcome to a series about the threat and impact of questionable trademarks.
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Trademark System Bias Index

Our trademark system has some gaps in stakeholder education and application of common sense.

I wrote this series of posts to educate all stakeholders (including trademark attorneys, USPTO staff, legislators, and concerned citizens) and to support trademark reform.

It simplifies the convoluted and confusing land of trademark legalese to help the average person understand how trademark abuse is slaughtering innocent creatives in the print-on-demand industry via twin bandits: questionable trademarks and trademark trolls.

This series of posts explores trademark system bias. It does this in the context of the print-on-demand industry. My goal is to illustrate how trademark system bias results in faulty trademarks, affecting us all.

Only You Can Stop Faulty Trademarks

The best way to overcome trademark system bias is for you to do your part. As in, every business owner must get involved.

You don’t need to be a print-on-demand business owner to benefit from this series. A picture is worth a thousand words. First, you’ll see how to apply legal concepts to the print-on-demand (novelty) industry. Then you’ll begin to understand how to apply them to your industry.

How this series is set up

Below is a sorted list of posts.

  • Part 1a introduces your story-teller.
  • Part 1b is a ridiculous “Beach Story” poem that offers you a bird’s-eye view of the series

Everything else flows from these first two posts.

So this isn’t your normal beach story. This is a “Cautionary Trademark Tale” beach story. I wrote it to help normal people understand trademark issues. It illustrates how trademark system bias affects us all.


Morgan Reece