Trademarks for Entrepreneurs

Who’s Joe?

The Letter of Protest resources available on this website were produced with extensive guidance from USPTO staff, especially that of an Attorney Advisor with more than 20 years experience. Previously I have referred to this individual online as “my friendly Attorney Advisor contact” or “my USPTO Attorney Advisor friend.” But these terms imply a relationship of … Read more

Can ASL Be Trademarked?

It’s not uncommon for creatives to wrongly assume they invented or coined their artistic expressions. For example, a certain rock star wanted to register this hand gesture. (I’ll bet you already know in American Sign Language it’s called “ILY” and means “I love you.”) The rocker apparently doesn’t know ASL and thought he came up … Read more

Trademark Letter of Protest Sample: Bible Verse

When filing a Letter of Protest against a trademark application to register a Bible verse or other religious quotation as a trademark, here’s what you need to know: Legal Basis: “Failure to Function – Religious Text, See TMEP 1202.04(c)” Evidence: It’s not enough to tell USPTO the verse reference. They need to SEE proof that … Read more