Trademark System Bias

Welcome to a series about the threat and impact of questionable trademarks.
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Trademark Resources and Links

Trademark Resources for Creative Entrepreneurs

The most important trademark and IP resources I can point newbies to are:

Merch Nook on Patreon – Rhonda Watters is a goldmine of info for newbies and veterans alike; she’ll help you protect yourself from accidental IP infringement and boost your business as well!

Trademark Watch Dawgs (Facebook group) – What started as a group for Merch By Amazon sellers has evolved to include a growing community of creatives dedicated to fighting frivolous trademarks. TMWD has most of my training materials, with more from their own community being added all the time.

Metal Stampers Against Frivolous Trademarks (Facebook group) — as their name says, this group focuses on catching and fighting frivolous trademarks that impact the metal stamping/jewelry stamping industry.

Makers Against Frivolous Trademarks, 108 likes (this was an active group last year, try sending them a message if you’re interested in joining)

Intellectual Property Crash Course on YouTube – 7 fast-paced, engaging videos break down the basics of what you must know about intellectual property. Watch them as many times as needed to gain the confidence to discuss these important concepts so YOU can influence others. Bonus: avoid infringement mistakes that could cost you your Merch account!

Links to Trademark Letter of Protest samples and training on The Trademark Canary makes membership in groups optional for those who are nervous about privacy or confrontation issues. These are unavoidable risks every Facebook group carries. Yet that’s not why I’m putting my stuff here. It’s just a side benefit for those who aren’t ready to join a group. 

I hope you’ll find a community where you feel safe. One where you can be encouraged when you take action. One where you can celebrate your wins. Read more about groups in my post, Fighting Frivolous Trademarks Groups.

USPTO Trademark Links

Here’s my collection of links to help fight frivolous trademarks.

Trademark Official Gazette – search to find registrations published in the past 30 days. It’s best to file a Letter of Protest early, but checking here is a good idea to catch any that slip through.

Letter of Protest Form – USPTO’s form to protest trademark applications that should not register. To properly complete the form, review my Letter of Protest posts and/or join a group.

Fake Specimen Reports are an alternative way to share important information with USPTO. If the specimen is a mock-up, a fake specimen report should be submitted (in addition to a Letter of Protest, if appropriate).

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