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USPTO’s July 2017 Supplemental Exam Guide

Imagine this being said by your favorite darling toothless toddler…

Y’all, this is TOP SECRET!

Okay, just wanted you to know it really is.

Here’s my copy of USPTO’s supplemental trademark examination guide: Examination Guide 2-17 Merely Informational Matter July 2017!

No way!

Yes, way!

Totally cool evidence, USPTO is working diligently to stop the tide of questionable trademarks / faulty registrations in print on demand, Y’all.

This PDF was generated from USPTO’s original “.doc” file, downloaded from USPTO on December 21, 2018.

All for you, Sweetie-pie, all for you.

For all my fellow trademark nerds, please don’t panic when you get to the end of the Appendix.

A quick glance at TSDR will let you know, ON THE EIGHTH DAY GOD CREATED WEST VIRGINIA never was registered, even though in this (draft?) manual it appears somebody thought it should qualify.


The original PDF is no longer available on USPTO’s website. Reckon that’s because TMEP was updated in 2018, and much of this was incorporated in it.

So here, for your viewing pleasure, the Examination Guide 2-17 Merely Informational Matter July 2017.