Trademark System Bias

Welcome to a series about the threat and impact of questionable trademarks.
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Who’s Pat Protester?

One of the goals of this website is to raise awareness of frivolous trademarks –

  • trademarks that are obtained by exploiting loopholes in our current trademark system
  • trademarks that fail to function as source indicators
  • trademarks that are used by their owners to squash competition

Because “A picture is worth a thousand words,” this site is filled with actual case studies of frivolous trademarks, and the trademark Letters of Protest that stopped many of them, with one caveat.

To protect the integrity and anonymity of the trademark Letter of Protest system, I’ve attributed each protest to the fictitious “Pat Protester.”

Most of the protests were filed by a member of the Trademark Watch Dawgs group. Pat Protester represents a real person, but not often the same person, who filed a trademark Letter of Protest.

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